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A lifetime of knowledge and 5 star management experience in Highland Heritage & Culture

Consultancy Services


Andrew Grant McKenzie is a highly experienced, skilled and knowledgeable consultant on matters of Highland Heritage and wider topics, as well as management and conservation of Historic sites:

I will offer experience and insights that are unique and will be beneficial to your project. Please contact me at to discuss my specific experiences in relation to your proposed assignment, or click to see my Curriculum Vitae Highlights.

Key areas of recent success in which I can assist and advise on for your project include (but are not limited to):

  • Accuracy in historical research.

  • Accuracy in storytelling.

  • Balancing company objectives and local requirements.

  • Balancing conservationism and commercialism.

  • Battlefield management.

  • Conservation of historic monuments.

  • Conservation of landscapes and land management.

  • Conservation of objects.

  • Creation of Conservation Areas.

  • Developing a successful team.

  • Developing and redesigning a successful retail offering.

  • Developing Local; Regional and National strategies and planning.

  • Developing successful guided tours at specific attractions.

  • Development of the Visitor Experience.

  • Driving international income (both financial and visitor numbers).

  • Driving tourism numbers and destination promotion.

  • Event planning, organisation and management.

  • Exhibitions and interpretation, including authorship of text for display boards.

  • Finding common ground between stakeholders and groups.

  • Gaelic culture and tradition.

  • Gaelic language in displays.

  • Genealogical tourism.

  • Highland Clan Society; past, present and future.

  • Highland history, culture, tradition and heritage – all aspects.

  • Improving a 5 star attraction.

  • Increasing productivity and morale.

  • Increasing profit.

  • LiDAR technology and its uses.

  • Making the commercial success of your business flourish.

  • Management of emotive subjects with international repercussions.

  • Management planning, business planning and operations planning.

  • Managing budget challenges.

  • Managing loaned objects and materials.

  • Managing the manager.

  • Marketing for tourism.

  • Marketing in challenging locations.

  • Media enquiries and interviews for television, radio and film (including live work).

  • Object/record keeping, efficient and appropriate storage, archiving and cataloguing.

  • Primary sources, their values and limitations.

  • Project management and project delivery.

  • Reconnecting with the local audience.

  • Research for display material.

  • Research for news stories and media output.

  • Scottish palaeography (reading historical handwriting).

  • Staffing development and improving team strengths.

  • The worldwide impact of the Highlands.

  • To purchase or not to purchase?: Conservational ownership.

  • Traditions and Culture based on oral tradition.

Examples of experience are available upon request. Many other areas will also be well within my areas of expertise, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for; contact me today!

Prices are dependent on project requirements, but a free pre-consultancy consultation will be offered without charges for mileage for necessary site visits. Necessary transport fees (i.e. ferries) during pre-consultancy consultation must be paid for. For longer distances or Islands, site visits will be made after quotations have been agreed and contracts in place, whilst initial discussions may be by phone, e-mail or skype.

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