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A lifetime of knowledge and 5 star management experience in Highland Heritage & Culture

Historical Research

Author, Researcher, Historian

I am available to conduct historical research into all topics relating to Highland culture and heritage.

If you would like me to conduct detailed research into your family ancestry and genealogy, please contact today for a quotation with details of your request (Please see the What is Required? section below). For genealogical research enquiries, please read the list of required information below.

Many of the research projects I am asked to do come from a genealogical background; but this is certainly not the only form of research I am available to work on. If you are looking for a trained professional in Scottish and Highland historical study techniques with the ability to develop a research project on any topic or subject area, please get in touch. I am also available to work with organisations and heritage businesses - including museums and other tour guiding businesses - to conduct detailed and accurate research.

|Professionally, I have been involved in cultural and genealogical research since 2008. Here is your chance to make use of my knowledge, expertise and private collection of research materials by involving me in your search for an ancestral link to the Highlands. If you are starting the search, or have been researching your genealogy for many years; I will be happy to help you on the next step of your journey.


As with all research projects, I cannot guarantee that I will find the specific details you are looking for, but I will offer the best chance of doing so. My relevant qualifications and training include my M.A. (Hons.) Scottish Historical Studies, which included a substantial amount of training in Scottish Palaeography, which basically allows me to make sense of the (frequently very old and difficult to read) historical documents that I comes across in the research phase of the projects.


Some examples of what may be included as part of an ancestral/genealogical Consultancy Research Paper (CRP) include:

  • Photographs of the gravesites of ancestors,

  • Research and take photos of locations named in documents found in archives, such as homes, churches, workplaces.

  • Research the social history of the family; how they would have lived on a day-to-day basis, culture, quality of living and work environment, and who their collegues and friends were.

  • Research specific family events (also contextualise the family in events that took place in that area during that time).

  • Birth/Death/Marriage documents (often found as a hand-written note which can be included in the project paper).

  • Maps of various locations where events occurred, which you can visit on your own private Highland Historian guided tour.


Genealogical studies generally focus on the names and dates related to family ancestors. Highland Historian goes further and creates an exhaustive personalised social history of your family, which includes the history of the geographical area and time period. He takes names and tracks down the physical locations of where your ancestors spent their lives, to paint a picture of how their day-to-day existence would have been.


A full list of references and a bibliography of sources are included in all Consultancy Research Papers, so you are able to visit the archive centres and view the physical documents yourself if desired, as well as tracking down books used in the research.


What is Required?

The process of developing a Consultancy Research Project generally begins with the client creating a list of questions about specific ancestors, locations, or events. The Project Outline is then developed and a Quotation is formulated. But to begin the process of research, the following is required as an absolute minimum. Please use the following numbering system in your request for a Consultancy Research Paper:

  1. Name of the most recent family member to live in Scotland OR the name of an ancestor who was born more than 100 years ago in Scotland.

  2. At least one key date of that family member's life events which took place in Scotland (birth, death or marriage date).

  3. Any known relatives of that individual (siblings, parents, children or spouse would be ideal but only if these are available).

  4. The area, village or estate that the individual lived in.

  5. A list of any questions you would like answered or specific areas you would like to be researched - e.g. the marriage and family life of specific ancestors or the livelihood of a specific ancestor.

  6. Any other relevant information you may have - This is the bit that people often lead with when contacting me but is not the most important requirement to initiate the research. However, as the research develops, any additional information that you may already have - even seemingly random facts - may prove important in proving any links.

Please contact with these details (numbered as above) to receive a project outline and quotation.

Prices start at a base rate of £2,000 per research paper. These papers are an holistic historical review of your family's past.


Due to the length of time required, annually I will commit to five papers over the winter months, with a waiting list for additional papers.

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