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“Fight for aThrone: The Jacobite ‘45 Reconsidered” (Christopher Duffy) PAPERBACK

“Fight for aThrone: The Jacobite ‘45 Reconsidered” (Christopher Duffy) PAPERBACK


One of the greatest inspirations, mentors and friends I have ever met, Christopher Duffy is a significant figure in my life and career.


This book is a great inspiration too and is a reminder that academics and historians must always be open to developing their own work. Effectively it is a re-write of Christopher’s earlier “The ‘45” (2003) and was published at a time when the potential for research was growing, partly due to Christopher’s own work, very fast.


Since Christopher’s passing in November 2022, we have lost one of the great military historians of all time and, in terms of Jacobite studies and particularly Culloden, he leaves us with a lot of potential to further our understandings of this period of history.


This particular book is a paperback edition which challenges perspectives and uses a forensic approach to research which adds greatly to our understanding of the 1745 rising.

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