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Highland Historian ALL WEATHER shinty ball (Yellow)

Highland Historian ALL WEATHER shinty ball (Yellow)

As a newly certified shinty coach and referee, I have become passionate about sharing the vast history of shinty as an historic and community sport, both within and outside the Highlands.

In my refereeing, I’m constantly throwing these things in the air for 24 players to fight furiously over for 90 minutes on a pitch much larger than a rugby or football pitch. This is a game where being brave in every challenge is the safest way to survive… There are rules, and being in charge of them takes a brave individual too!

It’s up to you what you use your shinty ball for, but this one has an ALL WEATHER coating. Ideal for Highland conditions! The intended use is shinty, but this is equally as good for a paperweight, a dog toy (as shown by Sonas) or as an object to launch at an annoying co-worker or family member (PLEASE NOTE: I do not recommend that you do this!).
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